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Pet-Specific Probiotics w Prebiotic Inulin for Dogs and Cats| Improves digestion | Builds immune system| Supports Optimum Pet health All Natural by GR8 Pitkin Pet Products

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  • DOES YOUR PET HAVE A SENSTIVE STOMACH Does your pet suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, IBS, constipation? They could suffer from disruption of their natural digestive system. OUR All Natural Pet-Specific Probiotics w Prebiotic Inulin restores balance and promotes a stronger Immune system.
  • WHY YOUR PET NEEDS THIS! Our Natural Pet-Specific Probiotics includes Prebiotic Inulin which is symbiotic with our pet specific custom blend of Probiotics to improve and enhance digestion support, helps prevent disease with a healthy gut and improves absorption of indispensable nutrients for optimal pet health.
  • HELP YOUR PET ACHIEVE MAXIMUM WELLNESS If you pet is suffering from diarrhea, bloating, loose stools, dry skin, bad breath, gas, these are signs of potential bad gut bacteria. Our tasteless Probiotics improve digestive health and builds up a pet’s immune system. Help your pet to not suffer issues
  • PETS ARE FAMILY: At GR8 Pitkin Pet Products that is what we believe. Since pets are family don’t you want to give them the best care you can? Do you want to ensure optimal health for your pets so they can live a happy healthy live? We believe since our pets give us love and protect us as part of their family we owe them the same respect and love that they give to us.
  • We believe so strongly in our product that we offer an EMPTY JAR GUARANTEE if you try our product and you are not satisfied, return the product to us for a full refund. Contact us directly if past the return period.

Does your pet eat more food, but still losing weight? Is your pet eating their own stool because they are not absorbing the nutrients they need? Our pet specific formula helps your pet by addressing these severe issues Boost immune system Restore proper digestive health Increase absorption of beneficial vitamins and minerals in the gut Support your pets digestive tract before, during and after taking antibiotic and steroid treatments Support good gut health in your pets enabling better absorption of nutrients needed Support your pet's health during times of stress Support older pets health as they age. Support your puppy or kittens early days by building their immune systems Good digestive tract supports defense against yeast overgrowth, improves stool elimination, supports healthy skin and coat. The outcome is a boosted immunity system and improved health Our Proprietary Pet Specific Probiotics that address pet specific needs, Prebiotic Inulin (inulin is symbiotic with Probiotics to improve digestion and supports increased effectiveness of our Probiotics formula)our formula works to boost your pet's GI tract and support their digestive system. This will eliminate most common issues of diarrhea, gas, abdominal discomfort, and many skin disorders your pet may suffer from Our Pet Specific is an All Natural Digestive System Support is Odorless and tasteless Gluten Free Non GMO No Soy No Fillers No Binders No Byproducts. Your pet will not even know our product is mixed in with its food, not like pills that might get your hand bit while trying to force your pet to take their pill, Our product is made in the USA at a FDA inspected facility. All our ingredients are certified. Our product is 100% safe for your pet when you follow directions on the label. Do not use on pregnant or breeding animals in heat We are so confident in our product we offer an empty jar guarantee, if for any reason you're not satisfied, return the product for a full refund



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