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Heat Shrink End Caps

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Size:0.375 Inch (3/8 Inch) - 10 Pieces  |  Color:Black Heat shrink end caps are specifically used with Heat Shrink Tubing at the end of Wires and Cable to seal, protect and insulate the ends of exposed cables, wire ends. The ideal heat shrink temperature for the end caps is around 275F (135C). Applying the heat shrink end cap can be simple and hassle-free. Its always good to make sure the cable or wire is clean and free of debris before you place the heat shrink end cap over the exposed end. When it comes to durability these end caps rank very high in quality. When looking for that extra protection against damage and moisture, Heat Shrink Cable End Caps is the ideal solution. Heat shrink end caps with release valves are used for sealing high voltage and pressurized cables and to release expanding gases created inside cables due to storage, transportation and climate changes.

  • Size: 3/8" | ID before Shrinking: 0.39" | ID after Shrinking: 0.16"
  • 2:1 Shrink Ratio - Shrinks to half its size
  • Dual wall end cap, with internal wall of hot-melt adhesive provides excellent bonding to plastic and metals.
  • Shrink temperature of 120-135 °C
  • Order is for 10 Pieces



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