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Q: How Long before my product ships?
A: Typically your product ships within 24 hours after ordering. Depending on the product we ship using either Amazon Fulfillment Services, We Ship it or Third Party Fulfillment Services. Weekends and Holidays might delay your order.

Q: I have not received a tracking number for my product?
A: tracking numbers are emailed to you after your product ships, did you check your emails junk folder for a tracking number? If you did not receive your product tracking number feel free to contact us.

Q: Do you offer a warranty on your products?
A: Yes, we have an unconditional warranty on all our products within 6o days of purchase.

Q: I don't have instructions on your products.
A: Our products instructions are email with our products, but if you lost the instructions or never received the email please go to our web site for the instructions at


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