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About Us

We are a outdoor oriented veteran owned company that believes everybody should be able to camp, fish, hunt, hike and just enjoy the Great Outdoors. We start business in 2013 with a desire to not only offer everybody a great product but also with great customer service.


We believe that product have to functional and inexpensive for everybody possible to afford. We ourselves test our product and have a small network of friends and family who help us test our products so that you know you can rely on our products when in a pinch.Check out our Videos Here


We are headquartered in Cheyenne, WY where we can actually get out to nature and test our products. Many of our videos are done in the local area of the Rocky Mountains.

Currently Aspen Ridge Sports are only available online, but you never know where the future may lead.

Get Back Survival Kit
Alpha Encender Fire Starter Emergency meals

Fire Starter & Survival Kits


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